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Health Guarantee

We (the seller) guarantee that your puppy will be 100% healthy at time of sale and checked by a certified veterinarian. This will include a full examination, deworming, and all required vaccines (health record will be provided).

We also provide a 6 month guarantee that in the case that one of our puppies has a genetic or life threatening illness, you will receive a replacement puppy or complete refund.  
In order for the 6 month guarantee to be viable, it is the buyer's responsibility to bring their puppy to a certified veterinarian within the first week of bringing their puppy home for a full health and genetic (if desired) check. This guarantee will be null and void without proof of this legal documentation. With saying this; we will treat each individual in a case by case scenario. Our goal and intention is to provide 100% satisfaction. 
The buyer also agrees that they will not be purchasing the puppy for resale or puppy mills in this agreement.


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