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Our Story

       Our family's journey began in Calgary, AB. At the time, being recently married, we had three children and a beautiful golden retriever, Lucy. A few years later, we found ourselves living in Katy, Tx, with a total of six children and the loss of our precious golden retriever. WE ended up spending about eight years in texas, till we found ourselves in Calgary once Again. You think that's a lot of moving? Well it doesn't end there! Two years later, we found our selves moving again. This time to Denver, Co, where we currently reside. With six children and two golden doodles. IT's quite the handful, but we wouldn't trade our lives for the world.


      The reason as to why our family ultimately decided to adopt some golden doodles, is because we always had a love for golden retrievers, but half of our family suffers from animal allergies. Doodles provide the perfect dog breed for those who want the qualities of their favorite dog breed without the shedding. Our golden doodles have important qualities such as loyalty, playfulness, and obedience, that golden retrievers have, but we don't have to worry about allergies.

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